Technical specifications

  • 480 square foot (20' wide, 24' deep) black box, 60 seat house
  • Approximately 60 working lighting instruments, with 24 dimmer rack (Sensor 512, 2.4k dimmers)
  • ETC Express lighting board (programmable, toggles between one scene w/ subs or two scene setup)
  • Mackie 12-channel sound board (1/8" input, CD, capacity for up to 6 mics), with two powered PAs (Behringer EuroLive B220)

Standard rates:

  • Peak (Thursdays through Sundays) Rate: $550/night for performance
  • Off-peak Mondays through Wednesdays, Saturday afternoon): $350/performance
  • Non-profit 501c3 range: $300-$450/night
  • $2000 for a standard 4-performance week (Thurs-Sun)
  • Rehearsal rates will range from $20-$35/hour, dependent on amount of foot traffic, noise, and how much overall time you book.

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