Tatyana Kot

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July 16-20, 2018 (1:00  - 3:00p)

Dancer and dance teacher. Tatyana Kot studied with pioneer choreographer Kay Nishikawa, creator of Dance Assemblage, a movement method rooted in improvisation based on five-sense environmental awareness, while using all mediums of art (architecture, paintings, literature, spoken word, music, sculpture, textile, video, welding etc.) as inspiration. The movement vocabulary is based on line, shape, sound, emotion, color, volume, weight and texture.

Tatyana's July 16, DANCE ASSEMBLAGE class will help you learn to use movement as a means of communication rather than merely an aesthetic visual stimulus. A great tool for non-dancers as well as performers of all mediums:  dancers, actors, painters alike. The audience is invited to share the experience internally rather than witness it.


Collaborative Performance -  July 20, 2018 (1-3p)


Medicine Show