Kotoba Dan

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July 16-20, 2018 (1:00  - 3:00p)

Acting Coach, Director, Actor, originally from Japan, Ms. Dan came to NYC three years ago to continue her career. This is her first outing with Medicine Show Theatre and everyone is delighted to have her on board. 

In Japan, Kotoba worked as a guest speech teacher for kids in the public schools conducting over 200 workshops between 2010-2014. She  is most passionate about acting and education.

Her workshop, July 19, THE FOUNDATION OF THE THEATRE ARTIST includes:  theatre games, physical theater techniques, voice work and movement.

Areas of focus:  letting go of body tension, building creativity, acquiring the voice and presence of a theater artist, learning to be “in the moment”, how to communicate with others, finding your voice organically.


Collaborative Performance -  July 20, 2018 (1-3p)



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