Medicine Show Theatre Company would like to announce ...

2016-17 Season

Location: 549 W. 52nd St., 3rd Fl, (between 10th & 11th Aves.)
Phone: 212 262-4216

Mainstage Productions in the Vann/Barbosa Theatre

Three by Jack One
September 21st through October 9th comprising Awoke One, Ye Tragical Historie of Doctor Pedro Albizu Campos and Notary Sojac (Note: this is the production as we did it in the first run last spring; if you didn't see it then, do not miss it this time around! And if you did see it in the spring, you'll want to see it again.)

Three by Jack Two
October 12th through 30th with a new opening play, He Can't Even Read Spanish which is typical Jack, a hilarious take on the civil rights struggles of the 1970s, with a militant son of a father who is cautious and afraid for him, but also proud.

Bound to Rise
The original musical conceived by Barbara Vann, with a score by Bob Dennis and book and lyrics by Stephen Phillip Policoff.
This is the musical for which Barbara won her OBIE. And it is even more relevant now, in the age of the one percent than it was in the mid-1980s under the democratic despotism of Saint Ronald Reagan; it's the story of four plucky young Horatio Alger kids who come to New York City to seek their fortunes, are then conned, robbed blind, cheated and beat up by city slickers who are themselves victimized by those higher up on the social ladder; it's a kind of economic and social history of the city in the 1890s (and now), but never fear, the play is fabulously exciting and funny, and there's a happy ending to a glorious choral number!
Coming just after Christmas through early February!

The Decay of Lying
by Oscar Wilde, Joyelle McSweeney, Bill Considine, & Simon Pettet
In the Spring, dates to be determined. Based on an essay in dialogue form by Wilde, with his trademark wit on full display, with scenes by the three other writers shaped into a collage piece by the Company, on the themes proposed by Wilde. The art of lying is in decline, because Art does not imitate Nature, rather Nature imitates Art, so the artful lies of Art are indispensable to human culture.

Guest Productions

The Sherm
by and with Steve Wisniewski, directed by David Wells
Two weeks in September, from the 8th through the 18th; watch this space for days and times. Steve worked with Medicine Show for several years in the early eighties, and like Ahnold, he's baaack! With a very funny take on an egomaniacal charlatan who thinks he is King of the World. Sound like anyone we might have heard about recently?

Jump-Start Staged Readings
We have made only one commitment for this series - the first official translation into English of a Hungarian play from 1914, The Unhappy by Milan Fuŝt, rendered into English by Patrick Mullowney, one of the writers who worked on Sea Island Nightmare in 2002, and the author of The Fate of Orpheus, which we did as a staged reading a couple of years ago.

We will be doing at least 5-7 other staged readings throughout the season, so we are looking for scripts that have something real and relevant to say, are funny if possible, and make the sorts of demands on actors that allow us to expand our reach.

We will continue our Writers' Reading series, readers to be determined. And in December we'll do our third annual reading of Howl.

Sundays from 4 to 6:30. We work on Open Theatre and Medicine Show acting techniques, and we invite workshop leaders from other traditions, including dance and voice, to teach us new things we do not yet know. Free and open to anyone.