Medicine Show Theatre Company would like to announce ...

Happy Summer Vacation!

Location: 549 W. 52nd St., 3rd Fl, (between 10th & 11th Aves.)
Phone: 212 262-4216

We might bring back our final production, Wall Street, a Farce in Three Acts, since it got a lot of audience response and it's SO politically and historically timely, showing as it does that we have learned nothing in 193 years.

We're also thinking of bringing back The Beggar's Opera, which was an artistic triumph for us, a hilarious musical play which is again timely, since our country is once again locking up people who can't pay their debts (though we haven't yet gone all the way back to hanging them.)

Then there's Oscar Wilde's The Decay of Lying, which we're thinking of interlacing with other pieces about the nature of art and the art of nature.

And as you may know, we have done a series of Ubu plays, including Ubu Rides Again (dedicated to our cowboy president Ron R.) and Ubu Takes Manhattan (dedicated to our cop mayor Rudy G.) So we're thinking of another Ubu, this one on the vexed topic of immigration; as our late lamented friend Ed Vega used to say, we're all immigrants, except the Native Americans, so what's the problem?

And there are always the un-done Cole Porter musicals if funding is low (which is territory it seems to be headed for.)

But we want to hear from you too. Any ideas? Anything about which you've always thought, say, Medicine Show could, or should, do that! Or even better, only Medicine Show would do that! Please write to us at