For the 2011-2012 season, these works were chosen for their attempts to re-formulate the definition of theatre, 2 performances each.
The Kentucky Tragedy
Dennis Kelly Higgins
A Day in the Life of a Hindu God
David Elyha
Poetry Class with Serial Killer
Howard Pflanzer
Susan Quinn & Dan Jacobs
Tierra del Fuego & Try a Little Tenderness
John Gruen
33 & 1/3 Cornelia St.
Alvin Eng
Princess Labam
Nishi Rajan

Let Them Tweet Cake
David Curran, dir. B. Vann
Gandhi, Dalits and Me
Rao Rampilla, dir. O. Conant
Beatles' Ex-Wives' Reunion
Nada Gordon, dir. N. Potter
A Change of Heart, So to Speak
Kitty Chen, dir. D. Gild
Hotel 70 Overview Terrace
Elinor Amlen, dir. Deloss Brown
Billy Blythe
Bonnie Montgomery, dir. Z. James

5/5 & 5/6
Living with History: Camus, Sartre, de Beauvoir
Howard Pflanzer
6/23 & 6/24
Cable from Gibraltar
Daniel Meltzer
6/30 & 7/1
The King and the Fool
Alexander Borshchagovsky, translated by F. D. Reeve
(US Premiere) (first English-language performance)

12/27 & 12/28
Anne Frank
Meyer Levin (N.Y. Premiere)

Cleopatra Backstage
George Crowley
The Sheik
Deloss Brown
Three One-Acts
John Gruen
The Importance of Being
Brian Murphy
On the Border
Howard Pflanzer
Horowitz: The Acrobat at Rest
Stellios Manolakakis
(full production, winner Jump-Start competition, 2005-06)
The Theory of Color
Lella Heins
(full production, winner Jump-Start competition, 2005-06)

Heretic Love
Amanda Ifrah, Mike Dressel, Julia A. Granacki
Theory of Color
Lella Heins
The Silence of Birds
David Nugent
Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi
Marcus Gardley
The Horowitz Paraphrases
Stelios Manolakakis
Elinor Amlen
(full production)

The Mouth Plays
Tom Savage
The People Impeach the Bushes
Arthur Sainer
Vijay Tandulkar

Klara's Boy
Elinor Amlen
The Blessings of Chairman Moo
Kitty Chen
Your Town
Walter Corwin
Faces in My Fist
Lisa McCree

Karma Bookshop
written by Filip Marinovich
Lion Taming in Miami
written by Lella Heins
Martyrs, Victims, Fighters and Thieves: the Myth of the Model Minority
written by I-Jong Lin

Jersey Nights
Howard Pflanzer
(world premiere)
The Grand Unification Theory
I-Jong Lin
(world premiere)